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 Taking class at studios around the Nashville and Mt. Juliet surrounding area!
 Auditioning for the Fall & Winter seasons!



Bigfork Summer Playhouse
Rev. Shaw in Footloose, Lank in Crazy for You, Nikos/Ensemble in Legally Blonde, and Ensemble in Beauty and the Beast!! 
June 1st-Aug. 31st

Hi! My name is William Launsby and I am a graduate of Missouri Baptist University ('23); B.S. in Theatre and Business Administration and a double Minor in Dance and Stage Management. No matter what I am putting my mind to, I have a starving heart to learn. I began my investment in theatre because of how much there is to discover. Every time I enter a theatre or performance space, my knowledge expands: a new acting technique, lighting tip, stagehand skill, or new carpentry trick. My dream is to share stories on and behind the stage, alongside other passionate artists, in hopes to bring joy into the heart of at least one audience member. If one heart has been touched, it has been worth every ounce of energy.

Outside of the theatre, I can be found on a disc golf course, pickleball court, or playing long strategic board games, all while jamming out to Jon Bellion!

Colossians 3:23-24

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